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Have you heard about Walker’s Renton Subaru Worksite-Mentoring program? It’s an innovative partnership that gives youth an opportunity to explore career interests through on-the-job mentoring. The Auto Dealership Worksite-Mentoring Model started as a partnership with Renton School District (RSD), Communities in Schools-Renton (CISR) and MENTOR Washington (MW). Its purpose is to build quality relationships, financial literacy and social capital to underserved youth populations who need a chance to succeed in life and bring talented youth into the auto industry for career exploration.
How it works: Students experiencing adverse life circumstances such as housing or family instability, which may interfere in finding an early career-pathway, can apply through the district’s Career and Technical Education Work Site Learning website. Each applicant is reviewed and referred to a Dealership Service Director to schedule an interview for the job opening.
The Dealership determines jobs for students and recruits a pool of Automotive Employee mentors who are matched on the basis of shared interest with high school students. The Dealership Employee mentors are introduced to the local area Communities in Schools program; they team with MENTOR Washington to provide a youth initiative mentor/mentee orientation and group mentor/mentee training event, both consisting of about 2-hours.
The program affords students the opportunity to earn high school credits toward graduation, job readiness training, life skills education, and connection to post-secondary education.
Work-site-Mentoring engages the interest of the youth and positively impacts the employee mentors who works with them. Students gain workplace knowledge and an understanding of business culture, while developing the future skills and training needed to thrive in their journey to adulthood.
Together, we better students’ well-being as well as that of their families and their communities.
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