Walker’s Renton Subaru & Share the Love help Renton Schools Foundation improve the lives of more than 14,500 children and families

For more than a decade Walker’s Renton Subaru has been making an incredible impact on students and classroom throughout Renton School District through the Share the Love event. As a community partner, Dale Walker, and his team at Walker’s Renton Subaru, go well beyond donations to improving local education, they are a positive force in our community, dedicated to improving the lives of children and families now, and into the future.

Through Subaru’s Share the Love donations totaling more than $590,000, coupled with Walker’s Renton Subaru donation of more than $243,000, Walker’s Renton Subaru has donated nearly $1 million to benefit Renton School students and educators.

Funding that impacts students for:

·         Music & arts in classrooms including theatrical licenses for drama club productions, new cellos, piano keyboards, sheet music

·         Free STEM and robotics summer school camps for middle, and high school students

·         MyOn digital literacy program, to personalize student literacy and digital reading content at school and home

·         Funding grants directly to teachers for classroom programs, after-school programs, hands-on classroom resources; video production equipment; enhance student learning materials and more.

Walkers’ Renton Subaru is dedicated to ensuring students in the Renton School District have the best educational opportunities possible; “One only needs to interact with the students in Renton schools and watch their faces light up and list listen to them talk of their hopes, dreams and goals”, says Dale Walker.

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