Sometimes, you just can't find the car you're looking for nearby. Sometimes, you find it in the next city, the next Province or even in an entirely different country. If you're from Canada and the Subaru of your dreams isn't, we can help. Here's a quick guide for Canadian's looking to purchase a Subaru from Walker's.

Q: Can I really buy a Subaru from the U.S.?
A: Yes you can.
Q: Will you assist me with Canadian requirements for bringing my vehicle home?
A: No. We are not an export agency. We cannot advise you on the taxes, fees, tariffs, exchange rates, processes or legal requirements in Canada. See this website for info:

Q: What do I do if my car requires service?
A: Extended coverage to protect against unexpected repair expense in the future is available on most vehicles. You will have the option to purchase this coverage when finalizing your paperwork with the Finance Department. Ask for specific details.

Q: Will you provide proof that there are no outstanding recalls on the vehicle I purchase?
A: We DO provide a Manufacturer's "Recall Letter" for Pre-Owned Subaru vehicles only.

Here's a quick rundown of the purchase process:
  • Once you select a vehicle, we send via fax/ email scan or express mail a purchase and sale agreement and other documents that require your signature. We will hold a car for a Canadian sale with a deposit on credit card.
    • We require two forms of ID proving residency in Canada. They can include a photo driver's license, a utility bill for your address with your name on it (landline telephone, gas, electric, or water only, no cell phones), an income tax return or a credit bureau report showing your residence history.
  • Return the signed purchase agreement and proofs of residency and make full payment. Payment must be by wire transfer in U.S. funds or in the form of a bank/ cashier's check in US Dollars.
  • Once we have receive your documents and proofs of residency and the funds have cleared our bank we complete the title work.
  • Photocopies of the title and purchase agreement are then faxed/ e-mail scanned to US Customs at the border crossing you specify; the 72-hour wait begins.

NOTE: You are responsible for knowing the hours of operation for the U.S. Customs Office through which you are crossing.

When funds are received/ confirmed, you may pick up your vehicle. Keep in mind the 72-hour hold at the border from the time they receive the purchase/ vehicle documents. On delivery, we will provide the original title, purchase agreement, recall letter for Subaru purchases, and 3 day "trip permit" for you to proceed to US Customs. Our in-transit permit does not include insurance.