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Glen Chandler
Sales Manager

I am married and have two kids,( either at home or in dorms at school) one on each side of the mountains.  I enjoy time with my family on our ATV outings and anything in or near the water.

Michael Shapsnikoff
Sales Manager

I am a father of 5. I grew up, live and went to school here in Renton. I enjoy driving my WRX, Camping, Hiking, and Swimming.

Troy Donald
Sales Manager

Been here in Washington since the get go! Love outdoors in a side by side and Flattrack Motorcycle racing. Enjoying watching my 13 year old grow and play football. Helping others find their perfect vehicle puts a smile on my face.

Diane Baldwin
Sales Consultant

Hello my name is Diane Baldwin, I grew up in Edina Minnesota with twelve brothers and sisters.I am a graduate of Gonzaga University. I am fortunate to be a mother of four wonderful children that are all draining me of every dollar I make!!!! I have been in sales my whole life and love meeting and helping others. I love church, family and vacations that I never am able to take because I am paying tuition bills. I have been at Walker's Renton Subaru for six wonderful years and plan to be here until I retire which may be never with the cost of college. I do really love what I do and enjoy life!!!

Joel Carlson
Sales Consultant

My name is Joel Carlson and I have worked at Renton Subaru for 4 years now. I have lived in the Seattle area for over 10 years but I am originally from Bozeman, MT. When I was in High school my first car was a 1987 Subaru GL wagon that I bought in 2004 with over 200k miles on it! I took that car to the mountains every weekend during our long winters in Montana. Since then i have owned numerous Subaru's and I currently drive a 2016 Subaru Legacy sedan. I worked at Nordstrom for 5 years before I got into the car business. I have transferred the business values I learned at Nordstrom into the car business. I believe in giving a truly exceptional experience and I believe that buying a car should be fun and a great memory for my customer. When I am not at work I am exploring on the water or the mountains somewhere. Subaru is a lifestyle and we welcome you to the family.

Michael Muratore
Sales Consultant

I have been with Walkers Renton Subaru since January 2017, having worked in the hospitality industry for over 30+ years.  Helping both new as well as returning Subaru customers and friends find that perfect car is what I love to do.

I am proud to work for a company that is an example of what few are able to achieve. We respect and embrace the diversity of our customers as well as our employees and care about the community in which we live.

When I am not at work, I love to ride one of my bicycles on one of the many bike trails and bike paths in the area. I am a husband and father of two beautiful daughters.

Quinton Jackson
Sales Consultant

My name is Quinton (also referred to as "Q") and I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. I have my Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Criminology from the University of Montana.
Before joining the Subaru team, I was a paraeducator and a Counseling Interventialist for a high school for about 7 years. I am a dad of two beautiful young ladies. I have been a high school sports coach for about 10 years. I like to be honest, transparent and upfront. I enjoy smiling, making others smile, spending time with my loved ones, sports, music and helping young men/women become better adults to help contribute to be a positive product of society. 
Come on in, say hey, talk some local/national sports, and lets get you in the car that fits YOUR wants and needs. Always remember.... Smile Big!

Zach De Leon
Sales Consultant

New to the PNW, originally from SoCal. My favorite pastime when I'm not assisting others consists of things like: spending time with my family, watching/attending sport events, listening to music, and eating good food! (of course) I've been in the car business for three years, and if I thought there were a better product than Subaru, I'd be selling it! 
Yo hablo español (:

Ian Smith
Sales Consultant

Recently moved from Hawaii, PC Enthusiast and avid Gamer. Want to talk about Tech or Games? I'm your guy!

Sean South
Sales Consultant

Hi my name is Sean South, I have been with Walker's Renton Subaru since September 2017. I recently moved to Washington from San Jose, California and have enjoyed exploring Washington a little bit at a time, I always love finding new places on test drives. In my free time I like to catch up on my favorite T.V. shows and play games with friends.

Asael Arruda
Sales Consultant

Long time motorcycle & automotive enthusiast from Brasil.
Importer & Exporter, including rare & vintage Subaru and other JDM vehicles. 
Happily married with three daughters who inspire me every day.
Falo Portugues y hablo Espanol - let me show you how fun & easy it is to purchase a vehicle from me at Walker's Renton Subaru!

Brian Saeteurn
Sales Consultant

My name is Brian Saeteurn, I barely made it to consider myself an 80s baby and I am happily married to my high school sweetheart since 2015. I own a 2016 WRX and 2018 Forester XT for my wife. As you can see I like my cars fast. I used to work on older Hondas and Acuras and have done my fair share underneath the hood. I also enjoy fishing, snowboarding and playing basketball. I am a huge sports fan so I love watching and rooting on my Washington Pro, College and even a few High School teams. I pride myself on customer service and want to make sure all my guests have an exceptional experience. I love my Subarus and I love what I do!

Katie Cimino
Sales Consultant

Hi, I'm Katie and I LOVE working at Walker's! 
I'm our resident prankster and cheesy joke enthusiast. I love all things comedy: television, movies, and I've seen tons of stand up shows big names and small. I'm fortunate to work with wonderful colleagues and customers that keep me laughing and having fun together in this business. 
Separate from work I'm the happy auntie to 9 amazing nieces and nephews. In my free time I throw elbows in soccer, road ride, hike, & live the the PNW stereotype dream- 100% umbrella free.


Internet Dept

Alec Walker
Internet Sales Director

Hi, I'm Alec. I've worked for Walker's for 7 years now. When I'm not working I enjoy skiing and golfing.

Prong Kennedy
Internet Sales Consultant

Hi! My name is Prong and I come from the land of smiles, Thailand.  :)

I Love to eat and cook and I really enjoy kickboxing.  I am the resident native ESL speaker and after a few moments with me you will rapidly understand how I will negotiate the happy deal for you.

I worked for Nordstrom for over 10 years, with many of those at the PaceSetter level, and I have brought those skills to fight for you.  Through my efforts over the last 3 years I have become one of the top producers by providing my clients (you) with the best negotiation skills available. 

Melissa Asselin
Internet Sales Consultant

Hi, I'm Melissa (Mel for short) and I am the resident Alaskan transplant here at Walker's Subaru! I grew up in Anchorage, AK so don't be startled when I walk outside without a coat on. 

When you come in I'll be happy to talk to you about any nerdy topic of your choosing over a cup of tea (I always have some in my desk - just ask). Also be warned that if you bring your dog into the dealership I will be very happy and pet your dog the entire time. Seriously, I really want to hang out with your dog.

Princess Bohannon
Internet Sales Consultant

Hi! I'm Princess. I have 4 beautiful children aged 13, 9, 7, and 5. I am fairly new to selling cars but I have loved every minute of it! In my free time I like working out and running around trying to keep up with my kids. I do my best to make every customer happy and turn car buying into what I think it should and easy.

Alina Berriz
Internet Sales Consultant

Vanessa Ngeth
Customer Relations Manager



Wendy Borgert
Finance Director

Mike Renz
Finance Manager

Carrie Sears
Finance Manager

Ramiesh Ramlall
Finance Manager

Sean Taylor
Finance Manager



Kevin Clark
Assistant Service Manager

Brad Hallock
Assistant Service Manager

Kim Meyers
Assistant Service Manager

Arvin Oreiro
Assistant Service Manager

Skylar Wyatt
Assistant Service Manager

Chad Malek
Assistant Service Manager

Brendy Zendell
Assistant Service Manager

Chris Dominguez
Assistant Service Manager